Prayer for the day:
Decisions will have to be made each day, Lord. With Your strength and wisdom, help me to make the right ones. #amen

After hearing a message from @Franklin_Graham on the Prodigal Son, hundreds made a decision to follow Christ in Springfield, Missouri. Will you pray for these believers?

Do you believe in the power of prayer?

@Franklin_Graham does. And starting today, he’s stopping in cities along Route 66 to urge people to pray for this nation during the #GodLovesYouTour.

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TOUCHDOWN SPARTANS with 4:04 left in the game 🏈
North Hall - 38
West Hall - 14
@Spartans12thMan @WHSpartansFB @WH_Spartans @NTH_Athletics @nthfootball #TeamGlorySports #Glory975FM #FNL #FootballFriday

TD Spartans at the last second of the 3rd qtr 🏈
North Hall - 38
West Hall - 7
@NTH_Athletics @nthfootball @nthbricksquad22 @WH_Spartans @Spartans12thMan @WHSpartansFB #TeamGlorySports #Glory975FM #FNL #FootballFriday

51 yard field goal made by Luke Brown with 4:50 left in the 3rd qtr 🏈
North Hall - 38
West Hall - 0
@nthfootball @nthbricksquad22 @NTH_Athletics @WH_Spartans #TeamGlorySports #Glory975FM #Trojans #FootballFriday #FNL

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